circuito del contemporaneo

As part of the SoutHeritage mission aimed at revitalizing the historical and architectural heritage of the territory, which becomes a point of inspiration for contemporary artists called to conceived a projects in the various contexts, the foundation was invited to join the platform “Circuito del contemporaneo”, a interregional project for the promotion and dissemination of contemporary art and the reenactment of the architectural heritage that aims to create a network for improve the attractiveness of the territories involved, in an innovative ways thanks to contemporary art. The initiative aims to consolidated old and new experiences with exhibition and production art in historic buildings and museums. Project in collaboration . with: Fondazione Pomarici-Santomaso / Gravina; Ecclettica Cultura dell’Arte / Bari; Polo Museale della Puglia, a cura di Giusy Caroppo.
Images: Vettor Pisani, Andrei Molodkin.