SHg #1

It represents the goal through which the SoutHeritage Foundation promotes innovative ways linked to the cultural planning through an “expanded foundation” format. In this way the SoutHeritage Foundation – recovering the importance of the heritage of the territory in which it works – sets up various cultural projects in historic and symbolic places of the Matera (UNESCO heritage site) and the Basilicata region, contributing in this way to the vivification of the historic-architectonic memory of the natural and man-made territory.
An uncommon and original operation in terms of display in an historical context when the debate about places devoted to contemporary art – that are meant as places of experimentation rather than simple exhibition spaces.
This modality , think as a way of interpretation of the several context and of its history through the contemporary art, renders the SoutHeritage Foundation a multi-venue dispositive and a metamorphic space that underline the possible transformation processes of the buildings of the architectonic heritage.

Thanks to the projects promoted by SoutHeritage, several places assuming a new temporary connotation (thanks to the site specific artistic interventions or to the exhibitions in dialogue with the collection), contributed to create wider development dynamics in which culture became the platform to rethinking, in an innovative way, the identity of the architectonic building involved by the exhibition projects.

The SHg #1 also aims to explore the emerging artistic production in its making, both practical and theoretical, and the artistic and institutional cutting edge practices , in their methodological proposal, contributing in this way to the production and diffusion of alternative visions of the contemporary, combining the Foundation’s practices about collection acquisition and increase with its fruition.