The Basilicata is a region which can boast agricultural and ancient traditions, which founds its roots in the dynamic primary sector, today, more than ever, it leans forward to emphasize its environmental, agricultural and natural resources. The region, with a low population density and an almost total absence of element of environmental perturbation,is a green district to preserve and to defend.

In this way the company named Società Agraria Bgreen (a joining project between Azienda Agraria Grani Cavalli and Azienda Agraria S. Angelo) working in Ferrandina (near Matera, city World Heritage UNESCO) for 50 years with its estate is characterized by a vertical process of production, which can control directly every single segment of productive cycle, from the sowing of “Senatore Cappelli” corn, to the cultivation of cultivar “Majatico” olive, (both vegetal variety under protection), which identify and characterize the company on the market of bio-dynamic productions, for a medium-high target of the food market. The company has always been recognized as a leader in the agricultural market, also in the strictly productive field, thanks to innovating standards of direct production and far-sighted entrepreneurship; it has always been leader in innovation thanks to his role and to its great commitment in the bio-diversity protection.
The company, promoting Steinerian approaches on its cultivations and eco-cultural concepts, where the work becomes a value, spreads a new model of agriculture in the way of a new ruralism, imaging and thinking over the relationship between people and natural territory, with its activities, its rhythms, its aesthethic and its changes which the company is exposed. In this way the agri company, to highlight its commitment in these areas, and in a Corporate Social Responsibility context has given life to a corporate foundation named Fondazione SoutHeritage per l’arte contemporanea.

A new way to make business, a new way to communicate, based on ethic and environmental standards, which takes into consideration what can be best done in social and cultural field, going over what’s established by law, introducing the complexity of contemporary thinking in order to improve the aesthetic quality of the organization, to make the company also social organism, and not only a producer of economic surplus value. The company, with the constitution of foundation and the implementation of cultural projects, has started a community which believes in cultural and ethic values and in the diffusion of an ecological and environmental conscience.