SHg #2

Represents the SoutHeritage Foundation’s umbrella-dispositive dedicated to the projects which have as focus research and innovation. With the SHg #2 platform the SoutHeritage Foundation is involved in the promotion of a programme of mediation and audience engagement of visitors, in which informative systems and a series of activities as talk and presentations aim to deepen some fundamental aspects linked at cultural programmes of Foundation. The goal is that to create occasions of dialogue and research, with and about the  viewers and to rethink the role of the public of the contemporary art in its fruition ways.


Le (d)istanze del pubblico
In the frame of cultural criticism that wants to reflect on the format of exhibition as a experience for the public, all exhibition projects promoted by the foundation are set-up in conjunction with a program of meetings in which a series of audience engagement activities involvement visitors, artists, philosophers, critics, researchers, writers, actors, choreographers as protagonists, inventing personal trajectories, methods and tools to deepen some aspects of the projects and works displayed. Each meeting, curated and conducted by the mediators involved – which can take the form of a lesson, a practical laboratory or a series of “conversations” – running time about 60 minutes and takes place in the exhibition space involved by project. The number of participants for each appointment is limited to a maximum of 10/12 visitors, with reservations required to the numbers of the foundation. In addition, all the foundation’s exhibition projects are intended as a collective ground for promoting a better understanding of contemporary art and a relationship with a citizenship that needs to be documented on the languages of the contemporary. In this context, the various exhibition projects include reasoned captions (including hashtags and mentions) and room sheets, which enrich and accompany the visitor in the information offer.


Open studio
The project presents a tool for dialogue between the foundation, local artists and the public, for the vision of paths and purposes of artistic research: not exhibitions, but a series of open dialogues such as the consultation of a portfolio or as a studio visit. The artists’ studios for a few months lend themselves to welcoming those who want to approach the world of contemporary art in Basilicata, through the direct knowledge of its protagonists, chosen among different generations of artists working in the regional area. The artists involved in the project open their workspace, telling how their artistic research was born and developed in a calendar of meetings at their studios, guided by a mediator and conceived as moments of dialogue between the artist and the public. The number of participants for each appointment is limited to a maximum of 10/12 visitors, with reservations required to the numbers of the foundation.


LABoral – conversation pieces
Some developments in the contemporary art scene have brought the theme of dialogue, in its most varied forms of collaboration, exchange and interaction, to the centre of the scene. This refers to a multiplicity of poetics and cultural practices that, in different ways, have expressed an attention to human relations and relationships, to the construction of interactions often understood also as a place of production of the work, a work that, in this sense, is an event, a process. In this framework LABoral is an annual panel of meetings promoted by the SoutHeritage Foundation open to the public and dedicated to talk and publishing projects or projects linked to the field of contemporary culture. In addition to the public who can be physically present at the meetings, the foundation, oriented to broaden the participation to a wider audience, includes to disseminate the meetings also through its social channels.


As part of its training and education goals, SoutHeritage Foundation promotes a series of “learning days” (usually 5 intensive days for a total of 30 hours ) in which groups of students are involved in study activities and direct practice in various disciplines: art history, exhibition design, curatorship, communication, (…), within the staff of the foundation. The organisation of the programme presupposes an intense synergy between a some schools and training institutes in Basilicata, in a network with the most interesting and active realities of the territory in the cultural, scientific and technical fields.
The ARTforming project intends offer an original contribution to the creation and implementation of innovative methodologies and tools to support the learning pathways of student based in Basilicata region.
Key points of the activities are the enhancement of methodologies that produce “experience”, a method that makes students not only pro-actively and interactively participate in the proposed training offer, but also protagonists of their knowledge. The “learnig days” model develops and strengthens students’  partecipation  by means of  interdisciplinary and creative proposals capable of linking theoretical knowledge to the concrete world of work in the cultural field through specific thematic areas (orientation, professional specialisation, transnationality, consolidation, cultural integration).
The ARTforming programme therefore aims to build connections between students and contemporary art professionals in a system, such as the art and culture which is increasingly varied and complex.