Maverick Campus

The project is conceived within a planning framework that looks to the action and vision of Adriano Olivetti and his links with the city of Matera. The project in a framework of aesthetic planning that pursues an art applied to other fields of knowledge that seeks connection with the problems and needs of the living and the productive is conceived as a scalable module for research  for critical processing for alternative forms of knowledge and creative production in connection which places the visions, experiences and above all the practices of art upstream of educational, social, institutional, urban planning, economic, political, administrative, professional, territorial and environmental sustainability development processes.

To participants in research groups, selected through open calls, among local, international artists and PhD researchers from disciplines related to the public sphere and in collaboration with local Universities, Research Centres and Academies, they are requested to develop a projects for the referencing territory or context as part of their own research and PhD thesis, inherent to Maverick Campus’s topics, which be experienced on the field and implemented through an exchange of views with international lecturers, scholars as well as with local administrators and experts.

The project, in its first implementation was produced in the framework of the “EU ERDF-ESF Territorial government and planning program 2014-2020”, with the support of: Basilicata Region_I, Plovdiv Cultural District_BG ; MUDAM – The Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art / Luxembourg_L, Art Today-Center for Contemporary Art / Plovdiv_BR, SoutHeritage Foundation for Contemporary Art / Matera_I, Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art Contemporain / Luxembourg_L ; and in collaboration with: Municipality of S. Costantino Albanese (PZ), Municipality of Tito (PZ), Municipality of Matera, Municipality of Potenza.