The SoutHeritage Foundation for Contemporary Art was established in 2003 by the Bgreen Agricultural Company ( as expression of an entrepreneurial philosophy that considers the enhancement of contemporary creativity and innovation in present times as necessary requirement for the full accomplishment of the company’s social function, within and towards the reference context. With these assumptions the SoutHeritage Foundation was born as an independent and non-profit organization that, through a format of “expanded foundation”, carried out an unprecedented operation in terms of exhibition apparatus, referring to a historical moment in which the debate on places dedicated to contemporary art is broad and understood more as spaces for planning and experimentation rather than as simple containers.
Recovering the importance of territorial historical heritage, the SoutHeritage Foundation produces and sets its cultural projects in historical and symbolic places of the city of Matera (site of the famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites) and of Basilicata region, thus contributing to the vivification of historical-architectural memory of the natural and anthropized territory, which becomes a source of inspiration for contemporary artists called to intervene in various contexts and to redefine their perception, fruition and function of place.

The foundation, awarded in 2005 with the Guggenheim Impresa&Cultura Award, works in synergy with public and private institutions, academies and universities. Through free access to art events, research and training program, the foundation promotes broad accessibility to contemporary art and culture. His staff, composed of a lean and dynamic working group that collaborates with artists, theorists, critics, researchers, curators, collectors and other subjects who play an active role in the fields of contemporary art and research, for the production of works and innovative projects.
It has been included in the list of I luoghi del Contemporaneo in Italia (The places of Contemporary in Italy), published by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities (now MiBAC, Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism) and by PARC, Directorate General for the Protection and Quality of Landscape, Architecture and Contemporary Art (Gangemi editore, 2003) and in the study entitled Design e nuove tecnologie per lo sviluppo economico dei beni culturali (Design and new technologies for the economic development of cultural heritage), promoted by the Ministry of Economic Development and by Valore Italia Foundation (ed.Palombi/Fondazione Valore Italia, 2010).